Freshness and Beauty
Nurtured by Murasaki

Healthy skin and hair from the soothing power of nature.
I made this unique soap by following my passion.

Our Murasaki, a key ingredient of Herbal medicine, is purely organic and produced by specialist contracted growers.
We blended Shikon extract taken from Murasaki.
This is a mild soap without additives sourced in Iwate, Japan.

The therapeutic power of Murasaki cleanses your body and refreshes your soul.

Power of Shikon

Shikon is extracted from the root of Murasaki and has been highly valued as herbal medicine since ancient times.
It has been used as a treatment for wounds and burns along with being used as an ointment for skin problems.

Effectiveness of Shikon Shikonin, the main component of Shikon, is known for soothing skin ailments with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cleansing Feeling from
Being Well Cared for

Murasaki Koubou Soap is an additive-free and mild soap made from natural ingredients.
It thoroughly cleanses your skin and hair keeping it healthy.

  • ・Skin will be resilient, moist and glowing, and hair full and lively.
  • ・Restore vitality to your skin and hair, creating essential healthy conditions that will be maintained as you continue to use it.

Handmade from
natural ingredients carefully
selected from Iwate

No use of artificial chemicals*
Each Murasaki Koubou Soap is made by hand, following a simple recipe with carefully selected natural ingredients from Iwate.
All the processes beginning with raw material production, selection of ingredients, processing, and manufacturing are all overseen by my company.

  • ・Shione is made in Kitakami City, Iwate
  • ・Rapeseed oil is made and processed in Shizukuishi-cho, Iwate
  • ・Essential oil is made in Hachimantai city, Iwate

* Surfactants, preservatives, antioxidants, coloring agents, artificial flavors are not used.

The Heart of Murasaki Koubou

Murasaki Koubou Soap takes considerable time and effort to make, and was inspired by a woman’s personal suffering and passion for better health.
The journey to produce this soap required five years of preparation to make a soil with sufficient nutrients to grow the Murasaki plant, which is difficult to cultivate through mass production.

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Original Manufacturing Method

Extracting Shikon from Murasaki is a technically complex process that results in combining the extract in soap to maximize its effect. Murasaki Koubou’s original research successfully developed a manufacturing method to efficiently extract Shikon’s essence.

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Murasaki Koubou Soap

Handmade soap with Shikon and natural ingredients from Iwate Whole-body washable soap

  • Trial(T)25g 1,000yen(tax included)
  • Small(S)50g 2,000yen(tax included)
  • Medium(M)85g 3,000yen(tax included)
  • Large(L)115g 4,000yen(tax included)

It is also usable as a shampoo bar.

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Is there an expiration date for Murasaki Koubou Soap?

Due to the absence of preservatives and antioxidants used in production the expiration date is 6 months from the date of manufacture.
We manage the production so that the soap is aged about 2-3 months when it arrives to your hands.

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  • ・抜け毛が減った!この石鹸で洗うと、ほかのシャンプーを使ったときと比べて排水溝の抜け毛の量が明らかに少ないです。(?代 女性)
  • ・早速使用させて頂いたのですが、泡立ちがとても良くて少量で泡がたくさん!非常に驚きました。  洗いあがりがさっぱりしていて、さらに顔がつっぱらなくて、いつもより顔の肌さわりが良くなったと思います。 商品を開けた瞬間に石鹸の良い匂いがしてテンションが上がりました。笑(30代 女性)

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