This is my pleasure!

My name is Yukari Shoubuke, I’m an acupuncturist as well as the representative of Murasaki Koubou.

I was troubled by atopic skin since childhood and to alleviate this condition I have always sought mild or low-stimulation treatment and natural cosmetics.
Fortunately, one day in my hometown of Iwate, I discovered Murasaki, the plant which is a key ingredient of herbal medicine. My dream to make soap made with the therapeutic power of Murasaki led me to launch a company which could produce organic Murasaki from contract firmers. This eventually led to manufacturing soap with pure and genuine natural ingredients, which is this Murasaki Koubou Soap.
The pure freshness upon washing gives your soul complete happiness.
For everyone with skin sensitivity and including those who seek additive-free soap, I recommend you experience Murasaki Koubou Soap.


Yukari Shoubuke
Murasaki Koubou

Original Manufacturing Method

The method of making Murasaki Koubou Soap is neither a “cold process method”, a “hot process method”, nor a “framed method” which is really an extension of the hot process method.

At Murasaki Koubou, we make soaps by an original manufacturing method (a company secret) in order to confine all the active ingredients into soap. Since Murasaki Koubou Soap doesn’t contain antioxidants or preservatives, the expiry date is only 6 months after the date of production.

After mixing with oil and caustic soda it needs to be matured for 1 month, then finally be available for sale after this period.

How to Use Murasaki Koubou Soap

For your face and body:

Wet soap and lather a soap net and gently froth it up.
Wash with sufficient force to gently touch the surface of your skin, and rinse firmly so that no bubbles remain.

Fort hair and scalp:

①Rinse your hair well with hot water so that your scalp and hair are saturated.

②Hold the soap in your hand and apply it to the scalp of your entire head (intensively for where there is a lot of gray hair). Apply hot water to the hair, soak the water in the hair, and then wash the scalp with hair by drawing circles with your fingers. Rinse well. The first shampoo phase can be done quickly just to focus on cleaning the dirt from the scalp.

③WSecond shampoo phase should wash the scalp as well, then wash hair from top to bottom smoothly. Never rub the hair together as it gets damaged and loses its gloss and stiffness.

④Use the remaining foam to wash the face, neck and chest gently such as touching the surface of the skin with foam.

⑤Rinse thoroughly so that no bubbles remain. The last rinse can reduce the unwanted spread of hair by rinsing the shower water from the tip of the head in order to prevent damage to the cuticle. (Do not rub your hair with towels.)

※ Since it does not use silicone or other substances that improve finger passage, you may feel that your hair has tightened when washing or rinsing. During rinsing or drying, loosen the hairs gently with your hand. Although it depends on the condition of your hair, your hair may reduce its volume as it acquires more gloss and firmness when you continue to use Murasaki Koubou Soup.

【Attention for purchasing】 Muraski Koubou Soap will have a similar effect to silicone-free shampoo on your hair.

<Disadvantages of silicone-free shampoo> Hair gets coarse during and after shampooing
Hair gets dry
Hair dye colors fade easier
Coarse hair is a normal side-effect that occurs using silicone-free shampoo. Although there are ranges most silicone-free shampoo leads to some coarseness. Since this product does not contain silicone as a coating agent to improves hair slickness, it is easy for hair to entangle.

The important point at this stage is to continue using the soap.
This is because hair grows about 1 cm per month. So after it grows 3 cm in 3 months, the benefits of Muraski Koubou Soap will become more obvious. It restores the health and bounce of hair, an outcome that has been noticed by everyone who used it. Also there are many people who get full volume and shine back in their hair, and those who have regained shine on hair after using long term including people with short hair.

Please note, every person has different preferences and compatibility.
If you match any of the following then use it only on your face and body.

  • ・Hair with high damage such as bleached hair
  • ・Hair with hair manicure or perm
  • ・Anyone who likes moist hair a lot.
  • ・Soft hair/ feminine hair

About the Product

  • ・The blue grains in the soap are powder particles of Shikon, not foreign substances.
  • ・As a result of adding Shikon into powder, this product may have scratches of Shikon particles due to the soap cutting process.
  • ・Because everything is done by hand, the surface of the soap may have wrinkles and appear uneven in parts. Please note that there is no problem with its overall quality.
  • ・Since it is handmade with 100% natural raw materials, even though it is made by the same process, the color and fragrance can be slightly different depending on the weather conditions, the year of cultivation and manufacturing time.
  • ・Since no additives are included to harden the soap it is easy to melt in summer due to high temperatures.