・抜け毛が減った!この石鹸で洗うと、ほかのシャンプーを使ったときと比べて排水溝の抜け毛の量が明らかに少ないです。(?代 女性)

・早速使用させて頂いたのですが、泡立ちがとても良くて少量で泡がたくさん!非常に驚きました。  洗いあがりがさっぱりしていて、さらに顔がつっぱらなくて、いつもより顔の肌さわりが良くなったと思います。 商品を開けた瞬間に石鹸の良い匂いがしてテンションが上がりました。笑(30代 女性)

・ 泡立てて顔にのせると 大地のパワー! 香りがすごくするわけでもないんだけど なんというかぐっとくる。地球と繋がる感じする 。洗いあがりはしっとりさっぱり ニュートラル そしてそれが持続する感じ。私はもったいなくて洗顔にしか使ってないけど 髪も含めた全身に使えるようです。ものすごく簡易包装で ノープラスチックで送ってもらえるのもめちゃくちゃ嬉しい 。それでも伝わる丁寧な世界観に 心洗われる 。ちゃんと作られたものを使うって やっぱいいよなぁって 毎日ひしひしと思う。(埼玉県 2児の母)

・開けた時の香りがものすごくいいです!まずそれに心を掴まれました。手作り石鹸は、溶けやすいイメージがあったのですが最後まで固いままだったのでとても良かったです。石鹸もいいですが、化粧水など洗い流さないものも欲しくなりました。(40代 女性)

・ It is better to use a soap net for lathering. It feels very refreshing after washing! And it felt like my skin didn’t have dryness or tension during the day. I'd like to give to my friend as a souvenir. (W.I. 40s)

・I bought the soap because it just looked good, but I was surprised how the feeling was good after using. After washing my face, I feel like my skin is no longer stretched from drying out! I’m addicted now. (S.N. 20s)

・Trouble of combination skin gradually settled down. The redness of the troubled part has been reduced, and the texture has been smoothed. (Women 40s)

・The cheek skin after bathing became moisturized enough to stick to the hand. Since the makeup also cleansed, I only need just one soap to clean my face. (A.A. 40s)

・Grey hair has decreased. The hair got firm and shiny. (a woman in her 40s)

・I used to have terrible dry hands in winter time, but they became moist with the soap. (H.T. 50s)

・No need for straightening hair. My hair restives to one when I was a teenager. (20s female: 1 year monitor use)

・Grey hair has become inconspicuous. (Female in 60s)

・The interval between grey hair dyeings increased from 2 months to 3 months. The hair started to rise, the curly hair decreased, and my hair became glossier.

・Rise of hair improved and gray hair became less noticeable. (Female in 70s)

・I used to have reddish hair, but now my hair has become darker (50s)